A ball is thrown in the air from the top of a building. Its height, in meters above ground, as a function of time, in seconds, is given by h(t)=−4.9x2+19.6x+24.How long does does it take for the ball to reach its maximum height?
Displacement. A rock is thrown straight upward off the edge of a balcony that is 5 m above the ground. The rock rises 10 m, then falls all the way down to the ground below the balcony.
A ball is kicked off the ground reaching a maximum height of 60m and it lands 80m away from the starting point. calculate the initial velocity and the angle above the horizontal of the ball when it was kicked. Could you also explain when do I use the different formulae of Range or horizontal distance 17: A coin is dropped from a hot-air balloon that is 300 m above the ground and rising at 10.0 m/s upward. For the coin, find (a) the maximum height reached, (b) its position and velocity 4.00 s after being released, and (c) the time before it hits the ground.
25. A red ball and a green ball are simultaneously thrown horizontally from the same height. The red ball has an initial speed of 40. meters per second and the green ball has an initial speed of 20. meters per second. Compared to the time it takes the red ball to reach the ground, the time it takes the green ball to reach the ground will be A ...
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